Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Been listening to some songs I've never heard before

There's some other good songs I've read and been informed about from various other games, some on NFS6+ and others from 1-5 that weren't in my collection. So I've been debating on releasing an update at some point down the road of additions made to my collection of every good song. I've been listening to some songs that I've never heard before, like "Electro Optik" from NFS4 and a song by Rom di Prisoco from NFSHP2. All gotten from the only good free NFS music site I know about right now. (too bad nfscheats.com went down)

Also another update on my collection, I finally have every song from the first Need for Speed, in very high quality, MP3 VBR 320 (I think?). Well, I can say that it appears as that, but I'm not sure if it was recorded like that from a high quality source or if it's a rip similar to mine that I did (64 kbps) and just encoded in VBR 320 for looks (no higher quality). The original files on the disc are in WAV and I ripped an mp3 of the same bit rate as the source and gave me a 64 kbps mp3. My thoughts are that the only way to get the highest quality is to record the music. I assume it's coming out higher than 64 kbps, ..right? Still puzzles me. I'm not that experienced at recording game music from consoles, etc. yet but I know the basics of hooking console audio cable into the headphone jack (special adapter?) and recording with various PC software.

In the torrent, I mostly
had the main track songs from NFS 1 in a lower quality 64 kbps bit rate; now I have the complete soundtrack in high quality. The Techno 6 "Chronos" song is my favorite from NFS 1, a classic. I mostly played NFS 1, 3, 4 a lot and didn't really play 2, 5, 6 much, only for a short time from either renting one time, playing an in-store demo, etc. It would be fun to play 2, 5, 6 to see what I missed. I was big into playing NFS Underground online (only demo, unfortunately). All I will say is F the unique CD key.

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