Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NFS Music torrent disappeared from TorrentSpy

There were many comments on that torrents' comment area, gone. I don't know how it could have disappeared like that. I don't think I deleted it from my TorrentSpy torrents although I could have accidentally, but I'm pretty sure I didn't. Only other way I can think of, is if it was requested to be removed multiple times. I want to thank you all for the comments on torrentspy and on my original NFS Music blog ( I have read every comment on both sites and was very glad you all enjoyed the music as much as I do.

Other things I've been doing: I have been putting together some flash movies from the classic '80s C.O.P.S. torrent I put out. I also recorded a small scene from C.O.P.S. with Fraps but the file size came out way too big. Fraps should use the divx/xvid encoder for recording, I don't know if that's even possible but the file size would be so much smaller. Designing flash animations/movies will be nice once I get used to it a little bit more. I have been using KoolMoves and CoffeeCup Flash Firestarter for the flash animations. I've also been getting very familiar with DVD format so I can modify a DVD's structure just how I want it.

I found out the torrent can't be re-uploaded back onto TorrentSpy because of the "existing" torrent. What a bugger.. oh well.

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