Sunday, August 13, 2006

NFS 1 Music News

I received songs from another generous NFS fan of the Saturn version of the (original) NFS 1 songs. There are apparently only 10 main songs in the Saturn version, compared to 12 main songs on the other versions, as far as I know. Luckily all my favorite songs (Chronos and Aaeeyaaeeyaa) were on the Saturn version. The songs were ripped from the (rare) Saturn CD game disc which is also an Audio-CD that can be ripped with any CD ripper. A very special thanks to beuzer 0! You can also e-mail me to get the files.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9/21/2006 8:53 AM) : 

I just came across your site while searching for the tool I originally used to rip the music from my NFSSE CD four years ago (Game Audio Player appears to be it), as I wanted to re-rip to MP3 in addition to the original Ogg Vorbis files.

I noticed your comments about the NFS 1 rips being low quality, but don't really understand. My extracted files sound quite a bit better than the ones at and those currently in your torrent, and I'm pretty sure I used GAP just like you did. The quality of the extracted WAVs, if I recall correctly, sounded the same as in the game. I can only assume you mean you encoded your WAVs to 64kbps MP3, and no longer had the CD when you wanted a higher quality - is that correct? I still have a backup of my NFSSE CD.

It's a pity the high-quality Saturn CD rips haven't made it into the torrent yet, as I'd like to compare them to my files.


Blogger nfsmusic said ... (9/22/2006 2:17 PM) : 

I still have the original NFS SE CD for the PC that I bought on eBay just so I could rip the music from it. The original WAVs just sounded like they were very low quality, what I believe to be 48kbps for the showcase, EA intro, etc. and 64kbps for the in-game songs. But obviously, WAVs usually have a very high-looking bit rate like all WAVs and similar high-data formats. I used an audio converting program (should have used CDex) to convert the WAVs to MP3s and it was set to give me the same source bit rate as the WAVs and 64kbps MP3s is what it gave me for most of the songs. I then converted one song from the original WAVs in 128kbps MP3 but it didn't sound any higher quality. I still don't know why it appears to be such low quality in the files, maybe something the developers did so that if someone did try to rip the music, it'd be low quality. I am thinking that if you recorded the music through the sound card it could be higher quality. Surely the music in-game has to be higher quality than 64kbps, I would think. One wild hypothesis is the developers could have hid the rest of the music's data files on the disc somewhere so, when played, it would be high quality playing through the sound card but when someone would try to rip the files from the audio directory, it would be just the low quality files. This is just a wild hypothesis though. It's just confusing. Luckily the Saturn CD was also an Audio-CD that the music could be ripped from and get the into a high bit rate.

You and anyone else can give me an e-mail to get the songs and see what you think. The MP3s are in 192kbps bit rate. I just don't have a decent Web host to host the files but I can host them from my PC through a Web server I have. I have mostly used the free Web host sometimes but I don't think they like a lot of bandwidth-intensive stuff going on though. I could always compress the files with WinRAR and upload to one of the free upload Web sites like yousendit, etc. too.

I wish the BitTorrent technology was able for me to update the torrent's contents with new files, etc., that would be awesome. BitTorrent will hopefully evolve to let updates be possible within a torrent because there's always things changing that need to be updated. The torrent's hash and other things like that would need to be addressed if the torrent's contents change, etc. I really don't know how much of a possibility that is though but it would be very nice.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/10/2006 7:23 PM) : 

Hey nfsmusic!
first of all i have to thank you for this great torrent package i'm currently downloading and for ur hard work.
I was searching a long time for the soundtrackes of the older nfs series.

So I am also very very very interested in the rip from the Saturn CD ;)
If you could provide the files by creating a own webserver i could download
them with my server and could make some mirrors for you on various hosters
rapdishare, megaupload, sendfile and so on....

Please drop me a Line ;)
trash_kid (at)



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