Monday, January 15, 2007

Updates, corrections, etc. from a log I keep

The NFS 2 files in the first NFS 1-5 torrent are from "The Album".

Correction concerning the GTA 3 song in the NFS torrent (in "misc songs" directory). The artist name and song title ("Shake" by Chris Walsh & Dave Beran) is incorrect. It's actually the song "Score" by Slyder. Also, someone just gave me the full version of this great song, if anyone wants it.

The song "Electro Mix" (NFS5) -- I'm not sure if it's a NFS song but it sounded decent, like it could have been in the series/NFS5, but I haven't seen the song title in any track listings. I saw Need for Speed tags in the file, though. Any info on "Electro Mix"?

The file, Need for Speed (game undetermined) - Track 12.mp3, is the song Cetus 808 (Lost Canyons Techno) from NFS 3 (which was already included in the NFS 3 songs)

The song "Rock This Place" (NFS5) that is in the torrent is different than another version of the song I heard on the Web. Anyone have more info on which version of "Rock This Place" is in the game?

NFS 1 (Saturn): The songs "Scud" and "Fill'er Up" are apparently not in the Saturn game version, or at least I wasn't given them. Can someone confirm this?

Toxic Exhaust (NFS 1, aka Rock 2) (Saturn): starts at a later point (about 3.5 seconds later) than PSX version. And possibly a slightly different/edited ending.

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Blogger dbc said ... (1/30/2008 1:09 AM) : 

nfsmusic.... Actually, the GTA3 song "Shake" _IS_ written by Chris Walsh and Dave Beran. You comment "It's actually the song "Score" by Slyder," is incorrect. The song you heard on GTA3 is "Revolt's Clogrock Remix" (written by Revolt), a remix of the original song "Shake" by Chris Walsh and Dave Beran. Glad you like it... I like it too! Regards, -Dave Beran


Blogger nfsmusic said ... (2/23/2008 12:44 AM) : 

Hi, Dave Beran. Thanks for the input. That song is easily the best song in GTA 3! I remember just turning to Rise FM and waiting for that song to come on. There's just something special about the vocals of the woman in the song and the music. Congratulations on your success. I can only hope that one day I will be able to make something on that level. -Evan Adams (


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