Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fun with Music Production

I recently started playing around with some professional music production programs, like FL Studio (aka/formerly Fruity Loops) and other programs just for fun. I'm very new to music production but I've been reading some tutorials and am beginning to make some interesting sounds. I'm getting very excited about it now, now that I know how to do some very simple, basic things. I'm not familiar with all the technical aspects, settings and capabilities yet but I think I will learn more the more I play with and get used to it.

Also, for fun I extracted samples from the song/track Chronos from NFS 1 with FL/Fruity Loops using File>Import>Beat to slice. I'm very interested in sampling right now. It's almost limitless what could be done.
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Blogger Ross Scott said ... (4/12/2007 1:59 AM) : 

Hey I just wanted to say what a treasure chest your website has been for me. I've been coveting the music for the NFS 1-5 games at CD quality for years, ever since the games came out. While I knew the CD's to them existed, yours is the first place I've ever seen them altogether like this. So basically I just want to give a huge thank you for sharing these files.


Blogger nfsmusic said ... (4/30/2007 4:14 PM) : 

Thanks for the comments. The early Need for Speed music was like a dream. It didn't last long but it was beautiful while it lasted. It all started while I was playing the very first Need for Speed in 1996 on the PlayStation, when I fell into an almost trance-like state hearing either the song Chronos or Aaeeyaaeeyaa. I knew then that someday I would try get at least one of the songs, somehow. I wasn't familiar with computers or ripping at the time.

I had been searching Yahoo/Google for a long time before I found out about P2P file sharing to search for files. I would usually just find random/duplicate files. Then I found various music/soundtrack sites.


Blogger Ross Scott said ... (5/02/2007 6:24 AM) : 

I actually didn't get into the NFS series until NFS2SE came out, then I got hooked on all of them through 5. I really enjoy Aaeeyaaeeyaa from NFS original as well. NFS2 I really enjoy music-wise as well, especially the full version of Nashat and several others. I played a LOT of NFS3 and really really enjoyed the music to that. NFS4 I thought had the weakest music of the first 5 overall, but it had a few really excellent tracks mixed in with it like Callista. As for 5, it was a departure from the others and I didn't like it as much initially, but it definitely became an acquired taste. In fact, I plan for the next episode of the series I'm making to use one of those tracks, hopefully breathing a little bit more life into it.


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