Monday, November 08, 2010

Two Years Since an Update

I've been into other things: birds, motorcycles, etc. My new bird blog is at and I am very active on my YouTube at

Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm Working on a Remix of "Cherry Pie" by Underworld

"Cherry Pie" by Underworld is one of my favorite Electronic/Ambient songs so I thought this would be a great song to experiment with/on in FL Studio, and I'll also be using some effects for the very first time. Basically, it's the original song in a different pitch with Apollo 11 transmissions added. I'm very excited about it. View my YouTube profile for more.

Monday, April 28, 2008

GTA IV - Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is the must-have game (and series). If you have a PS3 or Xbox 360, this is definitely the game to get, right now especially. Unfortunately I don't have either. I am awaiting the PC release, of course, since I play only on the PC now, almost always online. GTA IV will be online for the first time so this is major and, of course, this will be almost like going back into GTA III again, like GTA III, 2008 version. I loved GTA III and Liberty City and it was the first GTA I started playing, so it will be nice going back to Liberty City! See ya there.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Spacemusic Season 3 and a Little Update

I went to the Spacemusic site and was glad to see Season 3! I'm in the middle of 3.1, so far, and it sounds niiice. I want everyone to check it out, especially if you've never listened to Spacemusic.

On to my other music interests, I might be getting the SSX (1) Main Menu song that I've been trying to get, really ever since I played it back in 2000/2001. The song isn't on the soundtrack (or even listed) and I've tried to extract the music from the game CD with no luck. I found someone on a forum who may have it and contacted the user on AIM and I'm supposed to be getting it at some point through e-mail, hopefully.

I received a comment recently from Dave Beran, one of the music composers on the Rise FM radio station in GTA 3, correcting a song title. It's confusing trying to figure out which song is which from the artist/song list because it's hard to tell when one song ends and when another begins. Here's my response:

Hi, Dave Beran. Thanks for the input. That song is easily the best song in GTA 3! I remember just turning to Rise FM and waiting for that song to come on. There's just something special about the vocals of the woman in the song and the music. Congratulations on your success. I can only hope that one day I will be able to make something on that level.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Long Live Demonoid and Mongo56!

The Demonoid tracker/site appears to be down for good (along with TorrentSpy eventually probably). If you don't know, Demonoid is where I hosted all of my torrents. My NFS Music torrent reached around 10,800+ completions, I believe, and now the files are all over the world and on other P2P file-sharing networks for people to enjoy. I really needed to update that torrent anyway with a few better-quality files that I've since gotten. Give me an e-mail if anyone needs a soundtrack or files I have. I'll upload it to MegaUpload, etc. and link to it for anyone to download.

UPDATE: Demonoid came back online several months later!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy 10,000

My Need for Speed Music 1-5 torrent is approaching 10,000 completions...and subsequently has now passed 10,000. Too bad the TorrentSpy torrent had problems, though. It was taken off for some unknown reason and I couldn't re-upload it because of the "existing" torrent. How Laaammme. Speaking of TorrentSpy, they've blocked US connections recently as you may know. I guess you could use a proxy but it doesn't look good for my favorite BT site...

Also, someone last night sent me the NFS 3 - The Album, which some songs/tracks are slightly different/remixed. I really like the slight changes in some of the songs. I've vaguely read about this in-game music change depending on gameplay. Now I remember that I've listened to different versions of some songs from various random NFS soundtracks a while ago but didn't really know what that was about. I guess there are two versions to some songs??? Anyone have more info on this music feature? When did it stop or is it still active in the series?

I want to make a new NFS torrent with any new music files, like that NFS 3 album and any other NFS album that may be different/rarer than the mainstream versions on the 'net, etc., and also the Saturn version of NFS 1 in 192kbps that I was given. If I get enough requests, I will make new torrents. Until then, they're hosted and linked at various places here.

• Update (2007-09-08):
I'm not sure if any of Nordmann's files are "The Albums"; it's possible.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fun with Music Production

I recently started playing around with some professional music production programs, like FL Studio (aka/formerly Fruity Loops) and other programs just for fun. I'm very new to music production but I've been reading some tutorials and am beginning to make some interesting sounds. I'm getting very excited about it now, now that I know how to do some very simple, basic things. I'm not familiar with all the technical aspects, settings and capabilities yet but I think I will learn more the more I play with and get used to it.

Also, for fun I extracted samples from the song/track Chronos from NFS 1 with FL/Fruity Loops using File>Import>Beat to slice. I'm very interested in sampling right now. It's almost limitless what could be done.
Electronic Music Production Tips and Tricks
Fruity Loops Wikipedia
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