Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy 10,000

My Need for Speed Music 1-5 torrent is approaching 10,000 completions...and subsequently has now passed 10,000. Too bad the TorrentSpy torrent had problems, though. It was taken off for some unknown reason and I couldn't re-upload it because of the "existing" torrent. How Laaammme. Speaking of TorrentSpy, they've blocked US connections recently as you may know. I guess you could use a proxy but it doesn't look good for my favorite BT site...

Also, someone last night sent me the NFS 3 - The Album, which some songs/tracks are slightly different/remixed. I really like the slight changes in some of the songs. I've vaguely read about this in-game music change depending on gameplay. Now I remember that I've listened to different versions of some songs from various random NFS soundtracks a while ago but didn't really know what that was about. I guess there are two versions to some songs??? Anyone have more info on this music feature? When did it stop or is it still active in the series?

I want to make a new NFS torrent with any new music files, like that NFS 3 album and any other NFS album that may be different/rarer than the mainstream versions on the 'net, etc., and also the Saturn version of NFS 1 in 192kbps that I was given. If I get enough requests, I will make new torrents. Until then, they're hosted and linked at various places here.

• Update (2007-09-08):
I'm not sure if any of Nordmann's files are "The Albums"; it's possible.