Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Spacemusic Podcast

Spacemusic Podcast's RSS feed which includes free extra episodes

I recently downloaded (and saved) the Spacemusic Podcast archive. I've been listening to it off and on since 2005. I've never heard anything quite like it. TC is great and his accent sounds very different. It sounds like the same genre and kind of style (dreamy and spacey) that was in the early NFS music. For some reason, I haven't been able to listen to the stream on for a very long time; I used to be able to, I believe. I had to look at the Page Source, then find the mp3/m4a file URL/link and download each episode like that.

TC began charging a small fee,
$1.99 per episode . I have considered donating to the Spacemusic podcast even before it moved to a pay fee. I don't have an iPod, iTunes or anything (have a cheap SVP mp3 player :P) so I don't know if it was a pay fee even before this for iTunes/iPod people. Here is the Web address for Spacemusic's podcast archive on and here is the Spacemusic podcast's new feed. If you're listening to Spacemusic for the first time, go to the free Spacemusic archive on to listen to it, it's out of this world! Leave a comment to let me know what you think of it. I'm also on the lookout for similar podcasts, so leave a comment if you know of some other great music.
UPDATE (Nov. 1, 2006-10PM)
I downloaded episode 63 of Spacemusic on Halloween. Wow, another incredible episode!
UPDATE (Jan. 15, 2006)
I just downloaded and am now listening to Spacemusic Podcast episode 65 as I write this. The girl, Shelley (sp?) introduced TC (go TC! :-) in episode 65 and I hadn't really realized she had been in the introduction the past few episodes. I've come to realize that there's nothing like a girl's voice in Electronic music. I've noticed that some of my favorite Electronic music I've liked over the years has a girl's voice somewhere in it. A guy's voice can sound good, too, particularly TC and some of the male vocals featured in Spacemusic and in other music I've heard (NFS, etc.), which I would generally describe both types of vocals I often hear in Electronic music as kind of dreamy, hypnotic and/or subliminal.